VaxCalc Forum

Welcome to the VaxCalc Forum

This is a private global community, a place to connect with others regarding vaccines and choice in a positive way, without all the fear, hate and vaccine-risk censorship that we see in the mainstream media, social media, and doctor’s office.

I wish there was a forum where you are not advising for or against a vaccine, but we could extend the conversation on which ones might be worth the risk depending on your circumstance. - KW, Texas.

We support the right to choose all, just some, or no vaccines at all. We encourage open discussion, welcome questions, value sharing our views and do not fear different choices.

An account is required. Accounts come with the VaxCalc Freedom Plan. For access to the community without a VaxCalc subscription, please ask an existing member for an invite.

The forum recently opened to VaxCalc Freedom Plan members as of Saturday, April 27